A short account of our

history and our purpose




Daventry Vineyard is led by Rob & Ange Gee. Both have lived in Daventry for many years – in fact, Rob was born here!

Our journey began in February of 2000 when a small team of 8 people were sent out from Birmingham Vineyard to realise their dream of growing a church where people could experience real life-transformation through the person and teaching of Jesus Christ. At that time, the church was led by Rob’s brother, Steve, and his wife Tammy. Rob & Ange took over leading VCC in September of 2003.



Our Purpose



We are here in Daventry to gather and grow “Everyday people who are called to extend God’s Kingdom, love and life to our communities by following the person and the ‘Way’ of Jesus Christ”


While he was on the earth, Jesus established his Church - a band of followers who would participate in his mission. And the beautiful thing is, he didn't go out to select those who are the strongest, the fastest and the most professional to play their part in that. He chose the weak and the weary; the last, the least and the lost. Its' the faceless nobodies who God partners with in order to outwork his mission for this world. Defining his mission, Jesus said that God had sent him in to this world to bring Good News to the poor, freedom for the captives, healing for the sick and relief for those who are oppressed.


So, we believe that our purpose is to embody that message in the context of contemporary culture; to those who live around us. In essence, we are not only to be communicators but also demonstrators of God’s limitless love and grace to the world.


Vineyard Family


We are part of the fast-growing family of churches called  Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland which, in turn, is part of a global movement of churches called Vineyard International. There are around 120 Vineyards in the UK and more than 2500 worldwide.